Speciality Labels

Your source for quality Speciality labels
To be recognized internationally as a Label Manufacturer, one has to go the extra mile and meet the exacting and special needs of customers; and that is precisely what Kimoha does and will continue to do so. The xel-lent brand has in its repertoire labels that are suited for special and demanding applications of its customers.
Backed by uncanny abilities at translating customers’ requirements into design, identifying and sourcing the right raw materials, producing the desired quality in a forever modernizing factory, and above all maintaining confidentiality, Kimoha’s xel-lent Speciality labels are meant for a variety of applications that demand:
• Long period of Adhesion yet easily removable
• Use on rating plates of Power tools & electronic equipment’s
• Labeling on Curved , structured and powder coated surfaces
• Long distance scanning in warehouses
• Evidencing of tamper, as void or destructive
• Resistance to High temperatures and rough surfaces
• Secure and reliable concealing.

xel-lent Security Scratch Off Labels

xel-lent security scratch off labels are made with high standards of precision die - cutting; quality materials and scratch off ink technology. They run consistently on most demanding high production line card industry. xel-lent scratch off labels have soft scratch properties & high Opacity features. Its application is suited to most plastic and paper card materials.
xel-lent scartch off label can be provided with security cut and top copy suited to your requirement.
xel-lent scratch labels are used for the telephone prepaid cards , pin mailers , banking cards and lottery tickets.   xel-lent void labels feature a tamper-evident surface that leaves a "VOID" pattern on the label and the surface when the label is lifted. This tamper evident seal is great for use on electronic equipment, rentals, or any other items when you need to prevent undetected access. These void labels cannot be switched to another piece of equipment without detection.
xel-lent speciality destructive labels use ultra destructible materials, typically PVC (vinyl) or acetate to ensure that a label cannot be removed and reapplied at all. The technique works by using a very weak and brittle substrate and aggressive adhesive to ensure that the label disintegrates into many components if any attempt is made to remove it. xel-lent destructive label is an ideal material for asset marking, and an ideal solution to document authentication.

xel-lent Holographic Labels

xel-lent Holographic labels are best suited for additional security features to avoid counterfeit.

xel-lent Hologram labels allow you to have a mark of authentication that is simple enough to be identified by even an untrained or illiterate eye, and yet sophisticated enough to make it near impossible to be duplicated or replicated. We can provide hologram in customized and different colours specially formulated by us to suit your requirements.

Kimoha's capabilities include:
• In-house Pre-Press with ESKO & digital plate making facility,
• Multi-color flexographic Printing,
• PMS color matching,
• Competent technical team for Product development.

Laser Labels


In terms of convenience, self-adhesive labels are excellent innovations. Whether it is for home or office use, these time savers are frequent necessities.

Our Label is Your Image.

We strive to give the best quality labels consistently for your best presentation. To suit today's most sophisticated printers and copiers, xel-lent's label range is manufactured from multifunctional papers for trouble free high speed printing.
Kimoha label range includes,
• Address labels
• Media Labels CD / DVD / Audio / Video / Diskettes
• Box-file labels
• Business / Invitation cards

• Standard packing - 100 sheets / pack
• Customised packing - 500 sheets / pack • 25 sheets / pack • 10 sheets / pack
as per your requirment.




To compliment our above line and to serve our valuable clientele, we have the most advanced
label designing and barcode printing software. Whether you need to print barcodes, text,
graphic images or a database, xel-lent barcode labeling software has features to help you
design and print labels with ease.


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